Job opening: Senior Python Software Engineer (Bicester, Permanent / Contract)

Please note: the closing date for applications is Monday 21st July 2014. MuscleGenes is a fast-growing biotechnology startup with a well regarded product, a small highly motivated team and an all-Python software stack. We're based in Bicester, near Oxford. Our customers are athletes and fitness enthusiasts; they provide us with a DNA sample and receive…

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Understanding Your Fitness Genetics - By Dr. Stuart Grice

We all want to perform at the peak of our physical ability. Yet for each of us there is a limit to our capacity to perform a particular physical exercise. These limits are set by two main factors: our ENVIRONMENT and our GENETICS. Nuture – how our ENVIRONMENT shapes us There is no doubt that…

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Adventures in mountain genetics - By Jelena

My name is Jelena, I’m a genetics researcher at Cambridge University, and this summer I’m about to climb Kilimanjaro for the very first time. Now, you wouldn’t think those last two things are related. But as a professional geek, I couldn’t resist researching the health background of the trip before signing up. With a bit…

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MuscleGenes Ltd secures a Series-A investment lead by a global investment syndicate

  It's with great pleasure that we can announce MuscleGenes Ltd has secured a financial investment in a Series-A funding round, which will lead the company into the next level of growth and development. MuscleGenes was founded out of an idea in October 2011 where Dr. Stuart Grice (CSO) and I had a very random…

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